Don't Rush Medicaid Cuts

No need to put cuts in 2013-15 budget.






For some reason that seems unrelated to the health and well being of children in Wisconsin, Governor Walker has decided to write into his proposed 2013-15 state budget language that would eventually cause 29,000 children to lose coverage. We disagree with the proposal.

First of all, the proposal would roll back protections guaranteed for children under an agreement reached last year between the State Department of Health Services and the federal government. Second, the proposal has no impact whatsoever on the next biennial budget as it would take effect in 2019 if it is still allowed under federal health reform. So why is it in this budget? What's the rush? If it's a good idea let it withstand the scrutiny two years of review would offer. The way it is it looks like yet another example of Walker's penchant for putting national political ideologies ahead of what's best for the citizens of Wisconsin.

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