Don't be the one who starts the wildfire

It's wildfire prevention awareness time

So far in 2014 there have been roughly 150 wildfires that have burned almost 12-hundred acres in DNR protected areas. And while it something of a cliché, it is also true: preventing wildfires is an individual responsibility. So WISC is partnering with the Wisconsin Department Natural Resources to help raise awareness of wildfire prevention.

April and May are the worst months for wildfires and the top cause is intentionally burning piles of debris. It's the time of year when homeowners are doing spring yard clean-up. We burn piles of discarded leaves, brush and pine needles and on warm, dry and windy days things can get away from us. Often the problem is thinking a fire is out and then leaving. In fact a tiny ember…just one tiny ember…can ignite a wildfire than results in massive destruction.

The DNR has a bunch of good ideas for alternatives to the kinds of debris pile burns that can result in wildfires. You can find on the agency's website. But we can also wrap it up in a simple phrase. Be ember aware.

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