Decisive Action On Rep. Kramer Welcome

Unanimity more telling than speed of action


State Assembly Republicans wasted no time ousting Bill Kramer as their majority leader in response to allegations that he was sexually inappropriate with two women during a trip last week to Washington DC. Kramer's actions were pretty ugly and certainly unworthy of an elected public servant. We're actually surprised Kramer hasn't resigned his seat yet.

But more than the swiftness of the action by Kramer's caucus we're impressed with the unanimity of the vote. Let's face it, similarly repugnant behavior by elected officials around this country have too often been ignored or tolerated or worst of all implicitly accepted. By speaking as one, Assembly Republicans have made a definitive statement that sexual harassment will not be swept under the rug and that reporting and condemning such behavior is the right thing to do. We respect and appreciate that response.

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