CUNA Mutual Foundation makes BIG investments in ending disparities

Help for teachers and Centro Hispano

CUNA Mutual Foundation is critical part of philanthropic infrastructure

CUNA Mutual group, and more specifically the CUNA Mutual Foundation, is a critical component of the greater Madison region's philanthropic infrastructure. While the Foundation has a 40 year history of generous contributions to Dane County it has stepped up its game in the last decade in both focus and depth and as such is helping create a vision for the future of our county.

Last week was an impressive example. First came the announcement of $1.2 million to support mentors and coaches for new teachers in Madison. This partnership with the UW School of Education and Madison School District will help diversify the ranks of teachers in Madison, a commonly-agreed up strategy for closing the achievement gap.

Then, CUNA Mutual gave $100,000 to Centro Hispano as an always important and hard to get capacity-building grant.

One could argue few people know this community like CUNA Mutual Foundation president Steve Goldberg. But these gifts are right on target for greater Madison's most important needs and opportunities. We're impressed.

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