Congress is standing in the way of envrionmental repair

Ignoring calls for action

The United States, in large part due to a Congress that can now only be said to be knowingly allowing the increasingly irreversible degradation of the global environment, is leading the world toward environmental crisis.

A report last week from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, called on the U.S. to enact a major climate change law by the end of this decade to prevent catastrophic impacts of global warming.

The United States, mainly Republicans denying the science and Tea Party activists refusing to bear the costs, are refusing to do so.

We now have scientists who have long ago proven the role of human behavior on climate change offering a plan for mitigating some of the worst effects of that change with a clear role for the United States. This is now about national security and saving lives.

Senator Ron Johnson says no. Congressman Paul Ryan says no. And frankly not enough Democrats are doing enough to sound the alarm.

This is fiddling while Rome burns, only worse. Think about it…politics is getting in the way of protecting our environment, our planet and our children's future. Happy Earth Day.

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