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Proof that reason can prevail

One of the remarkable aspects of modern American politics and modern technology news coverage is we can spend weeks, even months worrying over a whole plethora of bad policies and then, in a matter of hours, they're all gone. We saw it happen here in Madison this past week. Thank goodness.
In about 48 hours last week truly bad legislation to throw u

ncertainty into educational standards, undermine local decision making, and allow more unseemly special interest payments to lawmakers died in the legislature. And make no mistake…these were awful bills that would have done real damage to this state's citizens and what passes for good government. Yet all had apparently tone-deaf defenders. It took a handful of conscientious lawmakers and a bunch of caring citizens to keep officials from making bad laws.

There's more to do. The lobbying bill is still too flawed to pass. And there's yet another attempt to deny the public access to public information. But last week shows there's still hope. We're relieved.


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