Common Sense And Responsibility On Heroin

Legislators show they are listening

Wisconsin legislators last week showed uncommon wisdom and courage on an unlikely topic…heroin. Responding to health experts, law enforcement officials, treatment providers and families, the state Assembly's criminal justice committee unanimously passed bills to make it easier for heroin users to report overdoses, to equip first responders with overdose antidote drugs and to expand prescription drug collection drives.

There are a lot of ways to spin this bipartisan action including praising a rare willingness to avoid political showboating on drug issues. But given that drug use does not respect political affiliation or geography or income level what these lawmakers have done is made it possible to save lives. All three approved activities have been proven to do just that. And while further approval is needed by the full legislature and the Governor we have to believe committee approval is an indication that will come. A lot of people deserve credit for making this happen and giving a lot of families and loved new found hope.


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