Chancellor Rebecca Blank

The right leader at the right time?




It's interesting that given that even Biddy Martin had been a student here at UW, the four candidates for Chancellor this time offered as clean a slate as any new campus leader hire in decades. We've not met Chancellor-elect Rebecca Blank yet, but her resume seems tailor made for a new Chancellor with new challenges in a new era.

There is so much we like: the international experience and perspective, the track record of innovation, the business and public policy experience and history of working at the intersection of research, science and job creation. It sounds very much like the world in which we are living and the UW is competing. We also like the fact that Blank was a finalist for the job last time, and she liked the job – and the place – well enough to give it another go.

Chancellor Blank seems like a good fit: the right leader for the right time. We look forward to working with her.


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