Candidates should pay attention to kids' issues

We're going to wrap up this look at the elections a week from Tuesday through the lens of our editorial agenda from the year with a simple plea to any candidate we can reach.

Whatever you think of agenda issues like racial disparity, the new workforce or the moderate majority, please give some thought to kids issues.

This is always the toughest sell.

Kids don't vote. Kids don't give money. In politics kids don't matter. In the lives of every single citizen in America, they do.

The candidates have talked about the economy, jobs, health care, foreign relations.  Each of those issues affects children, often disproportionately to the people candidates think they're talking to.

To use an often overused phrase, we can guarantee you we'll be no better off four years from now if our children are no better off.

In the week we have left before the election, let's push every candidate we can to talk about what he or she is doing in regard to time for kids.

Candidates should pay attention to kids' issues

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