Cancer Treatment Fairness

Insurance parity needed to best patient care

One of the peculiar inequities in American health care as it exists today is the way insurance that covers chemotherapy for cancer treatments can require significantly higher co-payments for treatment delivered in pill form as opposed to intravenous infusion. It's a parity issue that reminds us of the disparity in paying for mental health care that is only now starting to be remedied. This needs to be remedied as well.

Intravenous has certainly been a more traditional treatment delivery system, but new treatments are being developed all the time that appear to be more effective in pill form. Insurance plans haven't kept up.

A bill to require state-regulated insurance plans to provide payment parity for all chemotherapy drugs is scheduled for a second hearing in the state legislature next week and a broad coalition of folks came to Madison this week to lobby on behalf of the bill. A vote in the Senate is needed before the current floor session ends at the end of this month. We strongly encourage lawmakers to get this bill approved and ensure cancer patients get the best treatment possible.





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