Call for redistricting reform

The responses to a blitz of editorials from around the state a few weeks ago, calling for a hearing on a bill to reform the state's redistricting process, was encouraging. Unfortunately the responses from the two people to whom the editorial was directed, State Senator Mary Lazich, and State Representative Tyler August, who have the power to call the hearings, were not what we hoped for.

Both said no. But at least they heard the call and they responded.

More positive were the responses from good government groups and citizens who know democracy has been taken out of their hands by the politically motivated redistricting process that allows politicians to pick their voters by redrawing district lines to ensure their re-elections.

So we're at it again.

Newspapers around the state, including the Wisconsin State Journal, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are asking with one voice for a hearing to be scheduled in the state legislature on a bill to change how redistricting is done in Wisconsin.

We think we'll get even more response this time. And we're not going away.

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