Budget Blueprint

Good, bad and in between - as always.





The partisan responses to the biennial exercise of proposing a state budget are at best predictable and at worst an example of how dysfunctional government has become. At times it feels pointless to ask for a thoughtful and responsible negotiation process that could perhaps focus seriously on the important issues facing Wisconsin families and citizens. But of course that can't stop us.

Governor Walker's budget is a mixed bag of policy and politics that is thankfully short on the explosiveness of his first budget. It has, at least, the feel of a proposal that recognizes the fragile nature of the economic recovery and Wisconsin's unfortunate position of having fallen behind too many states. We – citizens, legislators and editorial boards – need to think through all of the proposals and ways to make them better. For what it's worth we like proposals for tax relief and UW support, and will certainly oppose all efforts to expand voucher programs beyond Milwaukee. But the rest is simply a blueprint that some real builders could make better.


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