Boston And A Resilient America

Justice, support and gratitude.





Words are not clichés when they come from the heart, and when they are all we have to express our deepest emotions. So once again we speak of despicable cowardice, indescribable pain and heroism in the face of both.

Clearly every available resource must be dedicated to bringing the perpetrators of the Boston bombings to justice. And we must also do everything we can to support the victims and their families and those who are dealing with having been present for this awful act of terrorism.

But we are also in awe of and in deep gratitude to those who, perhaps ignoring their instincts, rushed to the places where the bombings occurred, and began to offer help and aid to the victims. And finally we support the good people of Boston, and those in New York, and Newtown and elsewhere who respond to this cowardly evil with resilience and determination to never let the terrorists among us win.

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