Boosting Entrepreneurism

UW and WARF launch D2P

Cities seeking to be hubs of innovation – in other words cities where smart, creative people want to be in the 21st century – require collaborative partnerships. And if those partnerships include a major research institution and a world renowned patenting, licensing and investing organization all the better.

A couple of weeks ago the UW and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, WARF, announced the launching and co-funding of D2P…Discovery to Product. The idea is to better support the creation of new companies and grow the number of innovations that reach the market. One demonstrated way of doing that is cultivating entrepreneurship through startups or by creating licensing arrangements with established companies. D2P will do both.

Madison is showing a great deal of potential to leverage its entrepreneurial sector to become a global center of innovation but there is almost no limit to the role the UW can play in helping realize that potential. The $1.6 million investment by the UW and WARF is a modest but important contribution to that effort.






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