Black & Latino Unity Picnic part of the path to One Madison

Annual event important part of creating One Madison

There is no limit to the ways we can address racial disparities in Madison, and given where we stand as outlined in the Race to Equity report we'd be wise to try all of them. But none of them preclude a good party. And we're happy to recommend one this coming weekend.

It's the 6th Annual Black & Latino Unity Picnic, Sunday from 2 to 6 at Penn Park. It's billed as a family friendly, free event, open to all communities, with free food, children's activities and great music and spoken word performances. It's hosted by the Immigrant Workers Union as "part of an overall grassroots effort to promote unity and collaboration between the black and Latino communities."

Given occasional tensions between the two communities this annual event strikes as a hugely important part of creating the One Madison we all seek. We very much appreciate the initiative and effort.

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