Being a cop can be dangerous

We can't take safety for granted

Public safety officials are appreciated

We didn't expect the newly passed law requiring independent investigations of officer involved shootings would need to be used so quickly.

Around these parts public safety officials needing to use their weapons is pretty rare, despite the high profile case last year. But we had two incidents in 48 hours last week and it looks like both qualify. We are confident both will find that Dane County Sheriff's deputies and Madison police officers acted not only appropriately but bravely.

What strikes us about these two incidents is the people we entrust with protecting us never know when they will be called to put their lives on the line in the course of duty.

That so many of these cases involve mental illness, substance abuse or domestic problems only suggest how much we have to learn. But these can be dangerous situations and we can never take that for granted.

We want our public safety officials, especially those injured in last week's incidents to know they are appreciated. And we hope for their speedy recoveries.

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