Be part of creating the Madison you want to see

Be part of creating the Madison you want to see

Before a place becomes what any of us truly want, we have to imagine it.

A lot of us have been giving a lot of thought to issues of equity, inclusion, sustainability and a healthy environment, safety and opportunity and beauty. Those are just a few of the elements of the Madison we desire. So, how do we make it happen?

We make it happen by sharing our ideas and by considering the ideas of others; by expressing our life experiences, our challenges and our dreams; by participating in the city of Madison Planning Department's Imagine Madison Public Listening Campaign.

The city has launched a series of community meetings, resident panels, roundtable discussions, a speaker's panel and a website to gather information on important community issues. Planners will then use the information to guide updating the city's Comprehensive Plan.

This is a serious invitation with an important outcome. We hope you'll consider joining the discussion. Bring your imagination.

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