Back On Top For Peace Corps Volunteers

UW regains number one ranking

We've always thought it was just kind of cool that the University of Wisconsin-Madison was always one of the top sources in the country for Peace Corps volunteers. The UW held the top sport from 2001 to 2006 and has been among the top 10 school since then. And this year it is again number one.

There are currently 90 UW alumni serving as Peace Corps volunteers overseas. Since the Peace Corps was created in 1961 a total of 3,112 UW-Madison alumni have served, second only to Berkeley. We think it says something about the culture of service on campus that UW has produced so many Peace Corps volunteers. Of course that's a meaningful contribution to the well-being of the communities served, but it also prepares the volunteers to be global citizens and we can always use more of those.

UW-Madison is tops in a number of categories for which we are proud. But the Peace Corps is something special. Congratulations to the UW, the Division of International Studies and the volunteers themselves for distinguishing themselves and us in such an honorable way.


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