Armed Guards? Really?

Bad public relations move, at best



At the very least, the mining company looking to start operations in Northern Wisconsin made one of the worst public relations blunders in recent memory by hiring a security company that provides camouflaged, masked, heavily armed guards who look like they are prepared for warfare. The images of these guards are ridiculously aggressive and confrontational. Is that really the message Gogebic Taconite wants to send? That it is prepared to shot someone who crosses some undefined legal line?

One is inclined to interpret the laughing response by a company spokesman to a Wisconsin State Journal reporter's question as yes, that is the message they wish to send. Sure seems potentially dangerously over the top to us.
The company has the right to protect its property. Trespassing is potentially dangerous and needn't be allowed. In which case calling the police might be warranted. But militia-style guards, in camouflage, with masks and guns? Really?


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