Applause for matching unemployed with training needed by companies

One Madison is indeed achievable

We're going to review our editorial agenda for the year this week, a progress report if you will. For the most part there's been a lot of activity. And on no issue has there been more than our response to the Race to Equity racial disparities report.

One Madison, a title on loan to us from the Urban League of Greater Madison, has been the issue of the year so far in this community. As it should be.

We've done more editorials on this topic than we can review in just one, including two last week. But I do want to acknowledge a meeting our editorial board had recently with Kaleem Caire, Rev. Alex Gee, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and BIG STEP CEO Earl Buford from Milwaukee on a community effort to match unemployed folks with the skills needed by short-handed construction companies.

This is about as smart an initiative as we've seen. And while we're happy to help the trades find skilled workers, if this is as successful in reducing racial disparities in employment as we think it will be, it will bring us a lot closer to one Madison.

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