Another Step Closer To Equality

Supreme Court decisions edge toward fairness.







As positive and heartening as Wednesday's United States Supreme Court's decisions on gay marriage laws are, equality and fairness are not yet guaranteed. But the rulings unquestionably open the door to that eventual guarantee and that alone is reason to celebrate.

When viewed together with this week's landmark decision on the Voting Rights Act, we are reminded of how change in even our most important values often requires incremental steps. In one case states that have not already done so will need to take the necessary steps to constitutionally endorse marriage equality. Such action is now inevitable. In the other case much more work is now required on the separate, though often combined, issues of political manipulation, voter suppression and race.

As our country changes, in demographic definition and in attitudes, it will once again lead its politicians in the right directions, of fairness, equality and justice.

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