Another source of help in understanding campaign promises on the economy

Voters should consider statistics when weighing candidates

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke's visit with the WISC editorial board Monday reminded me of Wisconsin Technology Council president and incurable pundit Tom Still's column last week.

It was right up the alley of our editorial agenda item on where to get reliable information on the various economic campaign claims and promises we will be hearing non-stop for the next ten weeks.

The good news is both Burke and Governor Scott Walker have detailed economic plans and records and personal experiences that can be measured against each other. But Still offered a helpful list of five telling statistics that voters might consider as they weigh the positions of the candidates.

The list includes job losses, job gains, personal income, health insurance and consumer spending. You can find the column and the stats on the Technology Council's website.

It's another tool for your fall election toolbox and as we find more we'll tell you about them. If you can get your hands on a copy of Burke's plan we encourage that as well.

We're all going to need all the information we can get as consider our choices in November.

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