40 years of striking up the UW band

It's become a multi-media extravaganza

The image of the University of Wisconsin is bolstered by a number of contributors including, we hope, life-changing research, renowned and respected scientists, record numbers of Peace Corps volunteers and more. But there is no question Badger athletics and Bucky Badger himself are part of that image. And more often than not, where there are Bucky and Badger sports teams there too is the UW Varsity band…usually more memorable than all.

This year we celebrate one of the longer traditions of the UW Band, the annual concert. And concert doesn't do it justice. It is now rightly described as a three-night, multimedia extravaganza, with Vegas-style acrobatics and rock and roll pyrotechnics. It's a lot of fun.

But here's our point: very few of us don't know someone who has played in the UW Band. We've had a few work here at WISC. It's an important part of the college experience for many and especially here at UW Madison. We love our band and they love us back. So we join in the 40th anniversary celebration this Thursday through Saturday and congratulate the ageless Michael Leckrone and his musicians and thank them for all they've contributed to the UW known around the world.


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