Dining & Drink

L is for Leftovers

These local restaurants are donating leftovers for a good cause.

K is for Kimchi

Six restaurants and businesses offer kimchi, a delicious spicy and sour fermented food packed with vitamins and nutrients.

J is for Jams

Several local restaurants excel in the art of enhancing their menus with melodies.

Instagrammers who will make you insta-drool

A new breed of photographers and food stylists turn menu items and some homemade creations into eye candy for us all. 

I is for IPAs

From citrus to smooth, here's your guide to finding your perfect IPA.

Food events this week: Feb. 1–7

A lobster dinner, a hot pot class and martini Monday this week and more.

H is for How do you say ______?

Learn how to pronounce these food terms and local restaurants, and you’ll look like a food expert.

G is for Grab 'n' Go

In Madison, you can taste your way through the food scene by boot, bicycle, boat or bus.

Fries v. Frites

All-you-can-eat fries or highbrow frites? You be the judge. 

E is for Essentials

Get your dream kitchen goals on track with some of these must-have tools.

D is for Do-gooders

We asked our local do-gooders—'What does Madison's food future look like?'

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Dining Guide

Where to eat now! Search by cuisine, location and price.

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