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The More Cheese the Merrier

Kathy and Bruce Workman are quite the dynamic duo. Owners of Edelweiss Cheese Shop in Verona, the couple combined Bruce’s forty years of cheese-making experience with Kathy’s warm personality and managerial prowess to launch the specialty-store-meets-deli one year ago as an extension of Edelweiss Creamery, a fixture in Monticello for ten years. 

Since opening in 2012, the shop has attracted both local and national customers intent on sampling the store’s premier artisan Wisconsin cheeses. “About fifty percent of the people come in for cheese curds, because they think that’s what Wisconsin represents,” Kathy says.

Still, the offerings exceed merely cheese. Edelweiss Cheese Shop stocks quality accouterments like Quince and Apple preserves and Potter’s Crackers, plus local meats from Gempeler’s of Monticello and Usinger’s and Bolzano of Milwaukee. You’ll also find an extensive selection of Wisconsin-brewed craft beers and a handful of wines and sodas made in-state.

Don’t miss the pithy (yet delectable) deli sandwich menu: Build-your-own with meat, cheese and veggie choices or try a Braunschweiger and onion sandwich, a grilled Reuben or the shop’s unparalleled grilled cheese that boasts a mélange of melted-to-perfection cheddar, Swiss and Butterkäse. Whatever you choose, pair it with a side of chips and a pickle and a local beverage and you’re in Dairy State paradise.

Kathy is passionate about expanding customers’ knowledge of artisan Wisconsin cheeses offered at the shop, which include Lacy Swiss, Muenster, Gouda, Emmentaler, Havarti and Butterkäse, one of the store’s most popular products.

“I try to sway them a little toward something different, so we always have samples out for them to try.”

Edelweiss Cheese Shop 204 W. Verona Ave. 845-9005, edelweisscheeseshop.com

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