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Hip Sips Cocktail of the Month: Pink Pussycat

here’s no rainbow flag flying at Plan B, but there’s plenty of color to go around. The club’s glittering bar flashes aqua, apricot and lime green, thanks to LED lights installed below. And the R-rated menu features a kaleidoscope of cocktails, made with ingredients like strawberry rum, blue Curaçao and a vodka called “Grape Gone Wild.”

If you’re looking for subtlety, you’ve come to the wrong place.

But then, a subtle dance club wouldn’t be much fun. And when the crowds get thirsty, says bartender Joey Malak, a staid G&T just won’t cut it.

“People order drinks by color,” he says. “They’re like, ‘Give me something blue.’”

If Curaçao’s your thing, I salute you. But if you prefer pink—and want a delicious cocktail, too—ask for the Pink Pussycat, a sweet-tart martini that looks and tastes like grapefruit juice.

“A brightly colored drink draws attention,” says co-owner Corey Gresen. “Which is why you’re here, right?”

RECIPE: Pink Pussycat

2 oz. Stoli Citros1 1/2 oz. X-Rated Fusion LiqueurSplash pineapple juice2 splashes Triple SecShake all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass. 

Recipe courtesy of Plan B, 924 Williamson St., 257-5262, planbmadison.com.

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