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4 great bar burgers in Madison

Some great bars that serve great burgers

Sometimes you are a restaurant that serves alcohol, and sometimes you are a bar that serves food. Let’s not overthink it. The four establishments on this list are great bars that serve great burgers. 

We know Alt n’ Bach’s Town Tap is a bar and not a restaurant because it has summer and fall volleyball leagues. No restaurant would have a fall volleyball league. The burgers? Oh, they’re good. They use only Knoche’s beef and Colonial Bakery buns. Since 1976, the cooks have had the good sense to put lots of pickles on all of the burgers. If we don’t want that many pickles, we can just pick some of them off. Right? 2602 Whalen Lane

The ’Bou Burger at Caribou Tavern draws raves for somehow managing to be juicier than other burgers. They are one-third pounders served on buttered, grilled bakery buns. The juice from the burger soaks through both halves of the bun. 703 E. Johnson St.

When you go to the Player’s Sports Bar’s Facebook page, you see a lot of short videos of Mark Kroon, who is a professional poker player and has owned the bar since 1990, raving about how good the Player’s hamburgers are. The meat is patted out and grilled right in front of you. If you order it medium rare you get it medium rare, because everybody who works at Player’s knows the difference. 2013 Winnebago St.

Village Green Bar & Grill has been doing its thing in a building that looks like a barn since 1976. There are seven burgers on the menu, and the Big Daddy really packs them in: two all-beef patties, summer sausage, ham, three kinds of cheese and bacon. Why bother having all of that stuff on a burger without bacon? 7508 Hubbard Ave., Middleton

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