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Frazer Consultants is a top shop

Prime perks and cool, new space make Middleton office a great workplace.

Thirteen years ago, Matt Frazer was hustling to make a living: He went door-to-door throughout the region selling personalized tribute candles to funeral homes. Today, his company, Frazer Consultants, offers a broad range of personalized products and tech solutions for funeral homes. And it is the workplace that earned this year's highest score in 2016. Here are a few reasons why.

The workspace
The office in the new Parmenter Center in Middleton is pretty amazing. Located on the top floor, the space is open, airy and bright, with a funky, high-tech feel. It's one of the things employees love about the company.

Weekly back rubs
Speaks for itself.

Generous vacation time.
And a 40-hour workweek, to boot.

"Free Lunch Fridays"
Employees are treated to a catered lunch or a potluck.

Fully paid health insurance
That's a big one, as it's a benefit almost unheard of these days.

Frazer's open-door access
Employees say they love his openness and how he treats employees with respect. Plus, they enjoy working with each other. "That's my favorite part. It's more a group of friends than I feel like it is coworkers," says Vance Vlasak, a sales team member.

Good communication
"I would say any great culture is going to probably start with communication as number one," Frazer says.

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