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A&E guide: 33 events to do in December

We made a list, we checked it twice. Enjoy this month's arts events, both naughty and nice. 

Stage Right/Stage Wrong: Two local actors recall epic highs and lows

Scott and Clare Haden, married co-stars of Theatre LILA and Four Season’s "Big Fish: The Musical" talk about their meet-cute and unfortunate allergies.

5 classical holiday performances that celebrate the season

'Tis the season to soak up holiday music.

Are We Delicious? show tackles politics in this weekend's performance

Nine mini-musicals address Trump, Obamacare and selling out

The stars of Music Theatre of Madison's "Striking 12" pull triple duty

It's thrice the fun in this modern version of "The Little Matchstick Girl"

Capital City Theatre announces its three-show third season

The third time's the charm for the three-year-old theater company

So far, so close in Forward's '4000 Miles'

The generation gap dissolves in Forward Theatre’s ‘4000 Miles.’

Eight art shows explore issues of identity

From “To be or not to be” to contemporary examinations of person and place, art on display probes timeless questions.  

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