Arts & Culture

'Justified Art!' continues dialogue about racial disparities

New exhibition at Overture Center galleries draws inspiration from Rev. Alex Gee’s “Justified Anger” essay.

The 'Dark Director' takes on 'Drive'

Suzan Kurry is drawn to psychological dramas and plays about the human condition.

Madison Makers | Kshan Jewels

The metalsmithing of Kerri Shannon, of Kshan Jewels, sets her hand-crafted pieces apart.

Chanticleer still sets the standard

The “world’s reigning male chorus” still gets it right after all these years.

Wosner, WCO a winning combination again

Pianist Shai Wosner proves less can be so much more.

'Landscapes of the Mind' on Atwood Avenue

Artist Andy Rubin pieces “tell a story about human manipulation of the environment and our ecology.”

What to do in March

Ride out winter with exciting plays, concerts, art exhibitions and more.

Chanticleer still has plenty to crow about

The “world’s reigning male chorus” returns in a first visit to Union Theater’s Shannon Hall.

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