A man who stripped naked as a personal protest against security screenings at Oregon's Portland International Airport has been found guilty in a civil case filed by the Transportation Security Administration.

John Brennan was initially arrested in April 2012.

The Portland man said he was traveling for work and a pat-down by TSA agents turned up suspected bomb residue on his clothing.

Brennan said he felt like he was being unfairly targeted, so he took off all his clothes.

"Knowing my rights in Oregon, being naked is a form of protest, but more importantly, to solve this problem, saying let's separate me from my clothes and do all the searching you want," he said.

Following his arrest, criminal charges including disorderly conduct and indecent exposure were dropped after a Multnomah County Judge ruled Brennan was exercising his right to free speech.

However, the TSA filed a civil suit against him, claiming his actions interfered with the security screening process.

Now, two years later, a judge has sided with the TSA. Brennan faces a $500 fine.

"I will not pay a fine to make this go away," he said.

Brennan plans to appeal.

"I didn't take off my clothes to pay a fine," he said. "I took them off to make a point."

When contacted by Portland television station Fox 12 Wednesday night, a TSA spokesperson said they had no comment on the case, but added the judge's ruling speaks for itself.