UW encouraging students to get second dose of meningitis vaccine at home

Federal, state money paid for first dose, not available for second

MADISON, Wis. - University Health Services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is telling people to get the second dose of the meningitis vaccine, but there are new questions about who will cover the costs.

Around 21,000 students received a free meningitis B vaccine after several cases were confirmed on the campus this year.

But a second dose is needed for the vaccine to be completely effective.

Two million dollars in state and federal funding paid for the first dose, but the funding is out and not available for the second round.

"We know this vaccine is available for most students through their private insurance plans," USH Executive Director Dr. Sarah Van Orman said. "It's also available at many retail pharmacies, so we really work close with the State Health Department to identify and communicate out to health providers, both in Wisconsin and Minnesota, that, ‘Hey, we have all these students who need the second dose of this vaccine.'"

USH does have a limited supply of the vaccine for students who aren't covered under their insurance.

Officials said no one will be refused the second dose because of cost.

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