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No. 2: The E-Mail Abuser

The annoying co-worker is the person who lacks a general sense of social graces and etiquette, regardless of the environment.

E-mail has become a great way to quickly and efficiently conduct business, but it also has the potential to be an informational wasteland and an environment where people can display their ignorance to large groups.

The annoying co-worker is the person who constantly forwards emails that he finds funny, uses the e-mail system to advertise his garage sales, and insists on "replying to all," even though the entire company does not need to see his response.

Since e-mail allows people to think before hitting "send," it would seem reasonable that individuals would have more time to ponder the wisdom of the email. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Clearly, the annoying co-worker can sometimes be identified by the lack of awareness, even if this includes his entire personality.

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No. 1: The Clueless Colleague

When it comes to people, awareness can be hard to teach.

Unfortunately, this can extend to the workplace and people may find that certain co-workers have no idea about how they come across to others. This includes their vocal volume, conversational content, wardrobe, general popularity, skill set, and role in the company.

Sadly, some co-workers simply do not "get it," and everyone around them must navigate the awkward atmosphere that can go along with a clueless colleague.

In many offices, the generally unaware person fills the role of annoying co-worker, as everyone else must resist the temptation to tell this person on a daily basis that they are not in touch with reality. People that are not in touch with their surroundings can be inherently annoying in the workplace.

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