businessman with company car

No. 2: Keeping up with The Joneses

We love our toys and get a rush from buying new things -- and why not? It's fun! But when a competitive nature comes into play and causes us to spend foolishly, even feeling low for "failing" to have the best car on the block, well, now it's detrimental.

It's super common and so is the negative result of this mindset: More stress due to bad financial decisions.

Of course, none of this competition ever deals with assets such as your bank accounts, 401(k) or IRAs. It's about boats, cars and other toys. And the result is debt and a mountain we have to climb over.

We set ourselves up one step away from bankruptcy. Gee, why are we stressed?

Get advice about any large purchase if you're unsure. It's hard to resist a new toy, but consider your security down the road.

businessman walking to work

No. 1: Cultural wrap-up

This is an issue that's bigger than any one person. So don't beat yourself up. It's become common to use work as a haven, to lose a broader perspective and to spend that extra $300 a month on a better car instead of saving or buying assets.

It's normal, so it's comfortable -- despite the eventual repercussions. So, to be a bit more stress-free, break away from the pack a bit.

Don't let these tips cause more stress, such as using a credit card to take a trip if you're financially strapped. This is about mindset more than anything else.

In fact, let these tips work together for more relaxation and enjoyment out of life.

Go be quiet and meditate for 15 minutes, start seeing the world outside your tunnel. Then go explore it. Getting off your beaten path is probably a lot closer than you think.

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