It ties investments, savings, checking, loans and even cash spending (if you are willing to manually add this) into one dashboard. It tracks user activity and helps create a budget based on spending habits and income.

It will tell you about ongoing deals from competing financial institution and offers billing reminders and alerts when funds are low. Mint offers an array of data-crunching graphs and charts. It can even tell you how well you are doing financially compared with others in your geographical area.

This free app will have you managing your money like a pro on the go, with just the click of a touch-screen.

pocket watch on red background

No. 1: RescueTime

The RescueTime app keeps track of how you are spending your time.

Don't freak out, it can't yet tell when you are watering plants or brushing the dog, but close. Sound a little creepy? It certainly could be in the wrong hands, but if your resolution was to finish writing a book this year or increase your billable hours, this might be the app for you.

Time is precious and this little app can tell what you are doing with yours by documenting active browser activity, logging the data and sending it to an easily interpreted format that will take the guess work out of where your time goes.

If efficiency is your goal or just the means to a greater goal, then RescueTime might be right for you.

No one has to be alone in accomplishing their New Year's resolution anymore; help is just an app away.

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