By Erika, Pure Matters

Take time to celebrate your own health and the health of important women in your life. Get on the phone and make that annual doctor’s appointment, get outside and go for a run, start a healthy eating plan, or go to bed early enough to get those eight hours. We all make choices throughout the day that impact our bodies and our minds and we all have room for improvement.

Challenge yourself to do better on a daily basis in one or more of these areas:

Preventive care. We ladies need to schedule regular appointments for check-ups and preventive screenings. has a great screening tool that will remind you what kinds of tests are important for your age group. From checking your blood pressure and cholesterol to mammograms and bone mineral density tests, there are a number of ways we can make sure to stay healthy at any age and catch issues early enough to make positive changes.

Stay active. Take a walk, go to an exercise class, spend some time on the elliptical, get out your exercise DVDs. What’s your favorite way to make your heart beat faster? I find the best way to get my butt out of my chair and to the gym is to schedule time for exercise on my calendar. Regular activity improves your mental and physical health, plus it can lower your risk of early death from a number of diseases. So get out there and increase your life span!

A healthy diet. Make healthy food choices on a daily basis. It’s okay to indulge once in a while, but try to include all the fruits and vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein that your body needs to feel its best. A great way to make sure you’re getting all your nutrients is by taking a daily multivitamin. Pure Matters Women’s Multi-Vitamin Essentials helps maintain strong bones, promotes healthy iron levels, and supports your immune system.

A healthy mind. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or tired, you aren’t performing at your best. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Find a way to manage your stress level that works well for you, whether it’s counseling or yoga, meditation, medication, or natural supplements. Getting enough sleep helps balance stress. If you have trouble sleeping, a natural supplement like Pure Matters Rest Easy can help you get a healthy night’s sleep

Make safe choices. No, I’m not talking about avoiding bungee jumping or parachuting, although I personally don’t enjoy falling at high speeds. This is about taking care of yourself every day by making safety-conscious choices like buckling your seatbelt and wearing a helmet when you go for a bike ride. This also includes goals like cutting down on alcohol or avoiding cigarette smoke (it’s a great week to quit smoking!).