By Roger, Pure Matters

Ok, guys, let’s take a quick retrospective look at how fashion and fitness goals have changed over the years. We, as men, are very concerned about what we wear, how we look, and if our belt matches the color of our shoes. One of my early blog posts for Pure Matters touched on this particular topic.

I remember seeing photos of my parents while in high school and what dapper dressers they were in the 1950s. Folks took pride in their appearance back then. In my opinion, it was after that era things got a little off track. Luckily it wasn’t off track for too long before the birth of “jeans” ushered in casual dressing. Jeans could be worn anywhere and with anything.

And about 15 years ago, we started to get our fashion and fitness groove back. Being in the fitness business over 20 years I’ve seen the shift first hand through everyday contact with my male clients. I have heard their cries (as well as their wives' cries!) to take control of their lives in every aspect and get with the fashion and fitness program.

Male clients were a scarcity in the late '90s and well into the millennium but things are different now. They are getting in shape and are open to taking directions and guidance from trainers.

It’s 2012 and the workout possibilities for us are endless -- even golfers are getting with the program. Tiger Woods has pioneered the charge in that profession.

So guys: hit the gym, play golf, be active, and most importantly buy yourself a reversible belt (as my well-dressed wife did for me!)