Does your child need glasses? Take a look at some signs that could mean your child should get his or her eyes examined.

Squinting: If your child is often squinting it could mean he or she is trying to over compensate for poor vision.

Sitting close to the TV or computer: Sitting too close to the television or computer screen, or moving books really close, can signal nearsightedness.

Losing his or her place while reading: If your child loses his or her place while reading, or skips lines, it can be a sign of an astigmatism.

Using a finger to point when reading: While using your finger or a pointer to read can be normal for some kids, especially as they are first learning, it can also signal a vision issue.  It could signal amblyopia, which causes words or letters to crowd together.

Rubbing his or her eyes: If your child is often rubbing his or her eyes, this can signal eye fatigue. Eye fatigue can be caused by many things, so his or her eyes should be checked by a doctor to determine the cause.

 Headaches: If your child is suffering from frequent headaches it can be a signal of vision issues. Your child could be using extra effort to see correctly to make up for any vision impairments.