What are impacted wisdom teeth?

Published On: Sep 12 2012 10:03:59 AM CDT   Updated On: Mar 11 2015 01:24:04 PM CDT
Braces on teeth

Have you been diagnosed with impacted wisdom teeth? According to the Mayo Clinic, these are your third molars in the back of your mouth that don’t have room to grow normally.


Your wisdom teeth are your last teeth to come in. Most people have four -- two on the top and two on the bottom row of teeth.


If your wisdom teeth are impacted you might suffer from pain, dental problems or damage to other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth that cause problems are usually removed.


Some people might not have any problems right away with impacted wisdom teeth, but over time they may be more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease because they are difficult to clean, the Mayo Clinic states. For these reasons, your dentist might also recommend removing wisdom teeth that don’t cause initial problems.