The Food and Drug Administration announced a crackdown on foods that claim to be gluten free.

The FDA now defines a food can only be called gluten free if there are less than 20 parts per million of gluten in it.

Right now, it is estimated about 5 percent of gluten free products do not fall under that guideline.

"Up to this point, any manufacturer using gluten-free ingredients or they believe their product is gluten free could put the gluten free label on their product," said Andrea Erickson, a registered, certified dietitian at HyVee.

"What's being done is creating a specific standard definition of what is gluten free so there isn't a question from one manufacturer to the rest as far as what that gluten free means," said Erickson.

Gluten can cause a severe immune reaction for people who have celiac disease and dietitians say now it’s time for this ruling.

“Gluten free is a relatively new term. And so it’s something that it’s time to get regulated and time to get a standard definition associated with it,” said Erickson.

Last year, sales of gluten-free foods totaled more than $4 billion.

Manufacturers will have a year to comply with this new standard.