Family turns to online contest to help transport child

Contest winner receives van with a wheelchair lift

TOWN OF BELOIT, Wis. - A Town of Beloit family is turning to an online contest to find an easier way to transport a child with special needs.

Landon Wilson, 3, has a team of 10 doctors working to keep him healthy and alive.

"He was born with Cornelia de Lange syndrome. It's a rare genetic disorder. It causes delays in the physical and mental area," said Crystal Wilson, Landon's mom.

Wilson said it takes her nearly two hours to get her son ready to go to the doctor, a place he goes several times a month.

"He does have a lot of medical issues, but he's a fighter," Wilson said.

Landon's condition is considered severe. He has a weak immune system and is prone to infections. He has already had several operations, including open heart surgery.

For Landon, a trip to the doctor means a 75-mile car ride to Milwaukee.

"It's a long trip. He's squished and uncomfortable," Wilson said.

Making things more difficult, Landon has to make the ride in a car seat instead of his wheelchair.

"Right now, it's really hard without having that because you have to carry him out, keep his oxygen, feeding tube, everything attached," Wilson said.

Wilson said Landon he doesn't get to go to too many places because it's so hard to transport him. She's hoping an online contest will help her family win a lift-equipped van to transport Landon and his wheelchair.


"I could put his oxygen, his suction, everything right on the wheelchair and take him right from the house right to the van for his appointments and take him right out," Wilson said.

Landon will continue to face health challenges, but his mom said his prognosis is good for living well into adulthood -- meaning that if he wins, he'll get a lot of use out of that van.

"It takes a quick second to vote and we really would appreciate anybody's help," Wilson said.

People can vote once each day at this website. The contest is part of national mobility awareness month and ends May 10. The top vote-getter will receive a van with a wheelchair lift.

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