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Ways to manage your diabetes

 Type 1:

            Although there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes, there are ways to maintain the disease. To stay healthy, diabetics must sustain a balanced diet, check their blood sugar level several times a day, and be sure to take their insulin. According to teen Type 1 diabetic, Joyee Chin, “It’s tough. You don’t really realize how much sugar is in the things you eat, or even drink. I mean, I can still have my Starbucks iced passion tea lemonade; I just have to make sure I take my insulin afterwards.”


Type 2:

            There is no cure for Type 2 diabetes. However, there are ways to prevent and maintain the disease. The most crucial aspect to this is a healthy diet and exercise. If a healthy lifestyle just isn’t enough, contact your doctor and ask about diabetes medications or insulin therapy.