No. 2: Give your bras a rest

Everyone needs a day off, even your bras. They work overtime to keep you looking your best, so every couple of days, give one bra a break and wear a different one.

"I always say a bra needs a day of rest," Nethero told

Nethero says that you shouldn't wear the same bra two days in a row because the bra needs time to go back to its original form, and you risk wearing out the band if you wear a bra too often. A bra needs to "find its memory," as Nethero says.

And while many women hand wash their delicates to ensure they last longer, Nethero told Women's Health magazine that's not always necessary. For most bras, the gentle cycle and a bleach-free detergent will do the trick.

Why is it important to make sure your bra is in tip-top shape? Because the better it works, the better you look ...

girl shopping for lingerie bras

No. 1: Good fit means you look good

Finding the right-sized bra doesn't just mean that you will be more comfortable, it also means you will look good.

The right-fitting bra can make you look taller, it will lift your breasts to reveal more of your waist, and it can even make you look slimmer.

Bare Necessities recommends wearing a T-shirt when you try on bras to help determine how you look in the undergarment.

Nethero also adds that wearing the right-sized bra can restore some youthfulness to your look. She told Good Housekeeping that a contour-cup bra has stiff, molded cups that can help give shape and support to your bust.

So put those old, ill-fitting bras in a drawer and go out and find one that offers you a better look and fit.

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