After two students were infected with meningitis B nearly two weeks ago, UW-Madison is taking extra steps to prevent an outbreak on campus.

University Health Services is providing free meningitis vaccinations starting Thursday.

About 2,000 students are expected to be vaccinated per day. Students will take Bexsero which is given in two doses.

Officials from University Health Services said that while meningitis B is rare, students should highly consider taking the free vaccination.

"It's a very effective vaccine, and really important to use when you potentially have cases emerging in a population,” said Dr. Sarah Van Orman.

Orman said it is hard to pinpoint what causes meningitis B.

"Sometimes we think it's just sort of chance, we also know that many people who develop meningococcal disease happen to have an upper respiratory viral infection in the weeks proceeding,” Orman said. “There are certain medical conditions, very rare defects of the immune system that we know that are associated with an increased risk, but it's a very rare sort of thing for all the people who might come in contact with the bacteria."

Students are being reminded not to share items that touch their lips including lip balm, smoking devices and drinking glasses.

Vaccinations will be given until Oct. 27 at the Southeast Recreational Facility at gym 3.

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