A call about a couple of suicides at a home in West Haven, Connecticut, prompted a large police response and landed a man behind bars.

Gordon Byers, 39, called 911 early Friday morning and said there were two victims on the rear porch of his residence on Fairview Avenue.

He told police they had gunshot wounds and were covered in blood. He added that there was blood on the rear door of the home.

When officers and the West Shore Fire Department arrived, they found only mud smeared on the door that appeared to be from the family dogs.

Police said Byers falsely reported the incident because he was angry with his roommates. Byers had recently learned that he was being evicted.

Before calling police, investigators said Byers called and texted the roommates. He threatened that they'd both be dead and they were going to commit suicide.

Byers was charged with falsely reporting an incident, threatening and breach of peace.

Police said he was held on bond.