Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday for both kids and adults. On this day focused on love, it’s a great time to bond as a family and celebrate the holiday together.

Here are some fun ways for your family to celebrate Valentine’s Day together:

Have a heart-themed dinner: Have a fun holiday dinner with heart-shaped food. A lot of pizza chains offer heart-shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day. Sandwiches, pancakes and waffles can also be turned into hearts with ease.

Decorate dessert: You can make dessert a family affair by letting everyone help decorate a cake, cupcakes or cookies for dessert.

Exchange Valentines: Have each member of your family create a Valentine for each other. Gifts can also be exchanged. This will create a fun family tradition of showing each other how much you care for each family member.

Play games: Find some games around your house – or create a game of your own – that has a love or Valentines theme to it.

Watch a heart-warming movie: Find a fun, heart-warming movie for your family to watch together.

Go out on the town: Instead of making a “date-night” plan for you and your spouse, take the whole family out for a fun evening.