Anybody who's ever seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger masterpiece "Conan the Barbarian" remembers that one scene with Conan and the witch/vampire.

You know the one. It went a little something like this: Man enters witch's cave (apologies for the obvious metaphor, but blame the filmmakers for that one). Witch speaks of man's destiny. Man and witch have hot, barbarian sex. Witch tries to kill man. Man throws witch into fire. Witch is no more.

This no-frills cinematic sex gem is enough to make even a bad boy blush, but wait until you peek at our top five picks for the steamiest movie scenes ever.

We have compiled the hottest, most intriguing love scenes for your contemplation. If you are wondering what the criteria are for selecting a top five for steamy love scenes it is this: if it makes us hot, it's considered. If people cannot seem to quit talking about it years later AND it makes us hot ... voila -- it makes the list.

It's a dirty job, but someone had to select the top five. Here are ours ...

Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly in Bound

No. 5: "Bound" - Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly

In the movie "Bound," Gina Gershon plays Corky, a newly paroled ex-convict who tries to earn her keep on the outside by doing maintenance for an apartment building.

In the hallways she meets Violet -- played by Jennifer Tilly -- and her live-in mobster boyfriend. After the boyfriend leaves, Violet coyly begs Corky to retrieve something from her drain (like that line's never been used before).

After Corky finishes, Violet admits it was all a ruse to get closer to Corky and tries to seduce her. The seduction happens pretty early in the movie and leaves audiences begging for more. Violet eventually screws over her sleazy boyfriend, but not before she and Corky have a sexy go at it first.

Spontaneous lesbian sex is steamy, but dominance and submission is where it's at, as our next selection shows us ...

James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary

No. 4: "Secretary" - James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal

The hot love in "Secretary" revolves around the sadomasochistic relationship that develops between a newly hired secretary and her boss.

The boss-man (James Spader) realizes that the secretary (Maggie Gyllenhaal) was once in the insane asylum for doing harm to herself and orders her never to do it again. We soon come to realize however, that he is actually turned on by her submissive manner -- as is she by his dominant one.

Some feel the famous spanking scene in the boss's office is the hottest of all, but the final love scene where they engage in S&M/wedding-night-type sex is too good to be counted out.

Rather than depicting commitment as a turn-off in this film, this once-taboo choice is shown as an acceptable lifestyle and it leaves us hungering for more.

S&M is hot, but cheating is rapturous, as our next two steamy actors display ...

Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez in Unfaithful

No. 3: "Unfaithful" - Diane Lane and Oliver Martinez

Connie Sumner's (Diane Lane) life appears to be perfect for all intents and purposes while married to her adoring husband played by Richard Gere in the movie "Unfaithful."

Her world turns upside down, however, after she happens upon a hot Frenchman who offers to "help" her after she f injures her knees during a minor fall. Initially she rejects his advances, but eventually finds an excuse to visit him again, and a torrid extra-marital affair ensues.

The two have passionate first-time-cheating sex, and the Frenchman asks her to slap him around a little. They later outdo themselves and heat up the screen in a quite memorable scene in the hallway of his apartment building after she tries to end it. It does not end well, but the sex is undeniably terrific.

And though the cheating is blissfully steamy, savage sex is forbidden and undeniable, as we'll see next ...

Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins in The Blue Lagoon