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Published On: May 30 2012 10:32:36 AM CDT   Updated On: Aug 22 2014 10:56:54 AM CDT
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Friday, August 22

The Knockout Game

Meet experts and victims of the “Knockout Game” where assailants attempt to knock out an unsuspecting victim in one punch. Tony Award winner Jessie Mueller from the Broadway musical “Beautiful” performs in-studio! A surprise panel of influencers talk about trending topics of the week. 

Monday, August 25

Proving Innocence

One man’s fight for freedom after being accused of sexual assault by his own children. How he was freed and reunited with his family. “The Little Couple” stars on their inspirational battle with Jen’s cancer and adopting their daughter. Plus, the latest and greatest game apps.

Tuesday, August 26

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker on her career, love of fashion and her very own shoe line. Catch up with the family challenged to live without sweets for six weeks and see if they kick their sugar habit. Plus, a panel of influencers talk about trending topics of the week.

Wednesday, August 27

Hope For Paralysis Patients

Some patients with paralysis receive life-changing implants to restore movement in legs, hips and toes. Experts speak out on this experimental research.  Alan Thicke on his TV and music career, his son Robin and reality series, “Unusually Thicke.” Plus, Bob Harper on everything you need to know to lose weight fast!

Thursday, August 28

Surviving The Unthinkable

Find out what every women needs to know to act fast and protect herself against an attacker.  Get the essential moves that could save your life.  Meet one of the rising number of women entrepreneurs in the tech world and see the best selling items from Joyus.com. Plus, cooking tips and tricks to help you in the kitchen from Sur La Table chef Joel Gamoran. 

Friday, August 29

Distracted Driving

The life threatening dangers of texting while driving. A mother shares the story of how her 5-year-old son became wheelchair-bound after a texting and driving accident. Meet a driver living with the guilt of killing three children after hitting an Amish buggy while texting his wife. Plus, catch up with Natalie Merchant and see a special performance live in-studio!