Treasures from Afar

Middleton-based online store European Market is part curated boutique, part travel diary

By Shayna Mace

European Market

Everyone has a favorite vacation souvenir—a lovely painting from a seaside town, or perhaps that investment handbag you had to have from Bergdorf's on Fifth Ave. Holding a piece of personal travel history is always satisfying, and that's exactly online-only European Market's niche.

When Middleton couple Chris and Sue Ellibee first started traveling to Europe, they would pick up keepsakes and chocolates and bring them back for friends. (They even started bringing an extra empty suitcase to accommodate their treasures!) A few years and trunk shows later, the Ellibees knew they were on to something and started EuropeanMarket.Us.

Part curated boutique, part travel diary, the site currently has items from twelve European countries—Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and France among them. And, yep, all items are hand-selected by the couple.

"We carry things that have some little twist about them; something that you wouldn't find here," explains Chris. "Like vintage Swiss Army bags, French canvas bags made with Basque fabrics and German glass ornaments made with molds from the 1800s."

Shoppers can also read about the artisans or pick up travel tips from Chris and Sue, who've been to Europe about ten times since launching the site in 2010.

"We have a story to tell with almost everything we have," says Sue. "And we hope it comes across in the site."

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