Dettifoss waterfall, Iceland


Iceland is a breathtakingly beautiful island that is extremely affordable since its economic crash in 2008. A hotel that used to cost $200 a night is now $130.

There are hundreds of natural wonders to see, such as the Dettifoss, the largest waterfall in Europe, and The Great Geysir, Europe's most powerful gusher and the very source of the English word geyser.

The best way to see Iceland is to go by car and head out on the Ring Road to see sparkling crystal lakes, jagged seaside cliffs, black sand beaches, sheep and horses grazing by the road and hundreds of waterfalls.

The "Big Fish Day at Dalvik" is the second weekend in August. Fish producers and others invite guests to a free seafood buffet at the harbor in Dalvik while enjoying free entertainment at the harbor.

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