Teen falls asleep, lands in wrong city

Boy flying to Tulsa wakes up in St. Louis, airline not helpful

Published On: Jan 05 2012 10:02:29 AM CST   Updated On: Jan 05 2012 10:04:11 AM CST

An Arizona teen who fell asleep on a plane ended up in the wrong city.

Erik McBee, 15, was headed to Tulsa, Okla., on Southwest Airlines last week when he put on his headphones and dozed off, apparently missing the announcement that he'd reached his final destination.

When he woke up, he was in St. Louis, his mother told Phoenix TV station KPHO.

Keena McBee said there's no excuse for the error, and felt Southwest should have taken a head count in Tulsa or, at the very least, been more helpful when she realized her child wasn't where he was supposed to be.

"Nobody could give me an answer," she told KPHO. "I called Southwest Airlines, they said I had to talk to customer relations the next morning."

In the meantime, Erik began wandering around St. Louis after having no luck with airport security or police.

Nearly 24 hours later, a good Samaritan helped him call home and he wound up in the right place.

According to KPHO, Southwest refunded the boy's ticket and called Erik's grandmother to apologize. They told her they were investigating the incident and would update any related procedures or policies.